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How Does A Water Fed Pole System Work?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023


A Better Way to Clean Windows

In the past, ladders squeegee and scrim were the typical tools of window cleaner. These days, most window cleaners can be seen firmly on the ground, using a telescopic water fed pole and brush. How does the water fed pole system work and what are its advantages?


Window cleaner cleaning window with pole system

Pure Water

Tap water contains sediments and minerals, and while that's fine to drink, these deposits leave spotting and streaking when left on a window to dry. Therefore, the water fed pole system uses water that's been filtered until it's free of any minerals or sediments. The water is then stored in a large capacity tank in a specially equipped van.

Telescopic Water Fed Pole

Water fed poles are made from lightweight materials, they can be extended to safely clean windows up to 70ft from the ground. The purified water is then pumped at low pressure up to a soft bristled brush at the top of the pole and onto the glass through small nozzles in the brush. The window cleaner then gently scrubs the glass with the soft brush, which dislodges any dirt, and rinses the window to leave it thoroughly clean. Because the water is purified it dries without leaving deposits on the glass, so the windows can be left to dry naturally with a perfect crystal clear finish.


Advantages of the Water Fed Pole System

  • The water fed pole system negates the need for ladders, reducing the risk of injury and damage to property.

  • As the system just uses pure water, there is no need for any harsh detergents, making it kinder to the environment and to your property.

  • It allows window cleaners to access windows that are impossible to reach with a ladder.

  • Unlike many traditional window cleaners, the water fed pole system cleans the frames and sills as well as the glass, leaving windows much cleaner. Windows also stay much cleaner between visits.

  • Also, the water fed pole system is much more versatile than traditional methods. It can be used to clean solar panels, conservatory roofs, signage, cladding and fascias.

If you'd like to see our water fed pole system in action, contact Byrons Cleaning for a free quote.


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