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Cleaning Leaded Windows with the Water Fed Pole System

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Many people wonder if the water fed pole system is safe to use on leaded windows? As many of our customers have leaded windows we have been asked this question many times.

So how does this method compare to traditional methods of cleaning windows?

Traditional window cleaning method

The traditional method of window cleaning includes resting a ladder and window cleaner on either the window frame or wall near the window. Usually detergent is used on a mop to clean the window and then a squeegee is used to clean the window. In the case of small leaded windows it is close to impossible to find a squeegee to use on these small panes of glass so a scrim or microfibre cloth may be used to wipe these windows clean by hand. This method can leave dirt or residue on the window especially close to the lead which when it rains can then immediately leave streaks or marks on the window.

James cleaning a leaded window

Water fed pole system method

In contrast, the water fed pole system requires no ladder. The brush bristles are soft and the water is at low pressure, the brush is used with gentle pressure on the window with the pure water flowing to agitate dirt and then the pure water jets alone are used to rinse the window. This leaves the window and lead clean with no residue, marks or smears. For a full description of how the water fed pole system works please read our blog entitled ‘How does a water fed pole system work?’ This is a health and safety approved method.

In our experience we have never cracked, broken or dislodged a leaded window using this method. Many of our customers with leaded windows are much happier with this method of cleaning as it is safer, quicker and leaves their windows cleaner longer between cleans. We are definitely advocates of this modern method however we cleaned windows for many years using the traditional method and still carry our ladder and squeegee for the odd window that’s prone to leaking!

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